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Online Therapy And Counseling Services In Silicon Valley

Online therapy (also called internet therapy, distance therapy, cyberspace therapy, or electronic therapy) describes the various ways a professional counselor or psychotherapist communicates with you over the internet or on the phone.

This can consist of emotional support, mental counseling, or the same professional services the client receives in therapy and counsel assistance. This can be as short as an ongoing question or conversation. This can be done in the form of email, chat, video, or even internet telephone (Voice over IP).

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Online therapy is not the same as traditional personal psychotherapy. Some people don't work very well. There is growing evidence that it is very effective for some people.

It is also important that more people need therapy than those who are already receiving it. For many people, the stigma associated with mental health care is still an obstacle or a trust issue that makes it difficult to sit down with someone while personal information is being disclosed.

Online therapy can also feel safer or a good first step for those who feel overwhelmed by the prospect of help and the confidence that comes with it. Getting therapy online can be much scarier for them than the safety and familiarity of their own home.