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The Right Way to Wear Men’s Socks

Every day, somewhere, a guy is spoiling a decent dress with the wrong pair of socks. Do you seem to be exaggerating now? Well, I don't! Your socks really make a big difference to your look. Let me provide more details.

If you see a guy in a stylish black three-button suit with a cream shirt and brown tie, he'd look cool, right? Now, what happens when you sit down and raise your pants' legs a little to reveal the white gym socks? Something that spoils your image, right? Even if you're wearing the most elegant pair of camel oxford shoes you've ever seen, the huge white cotton shimmer between the top of your shoes and the bottom of the pants sleeves will likely catch your attention. And not in a good way.If you want to buy funky socks in Canada visit https://philosockphy.com/.

So what are the basic rules for wearing formal socks? They are:

Only wear white cotton socks for athletics and housework. There are really no exceptions to this rule. You might be a little surprised by this because white socks are often seen as streetwear.

Formal shoes should be worn with formal socks. This means that you shouldn't choose socks based solely on color. The thickness and texture are also relevant. Sports socks (even if they're black or another color) tend to be ribbed and thick. Therefore, it will pile up on top of formal shoes. On the other hand, formal socks are made of a thinner and thinner material that can easily slip into your dress shoes and will not accumulate on top of them.

Your shoes should match your belt and your socks should match your pants. Regardless of when you wear the jeans, the color of your socks should match the color of your jeans. Black socks should be worn with black pants. As for the shades of brown and blue, the socks don't have to be the same color as the pants, but they should definitely be from the same color family.