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Important Power Considerations When Evaluating Colocation Pricing

  • June 11, 2020

When colocation pricing options review, it is important to meet current needs while planning for the future. The ultimate goal when choosing a colocation provider a company is to find a data center that they can use later in the foreseeable future.

A feature that can be easily overlooked is how the power of your rack moves. As shift energy management and distribution trends, you must select a colocation services provider in Baltimore MD with a sufficiently flexible data center to adopt current trends in the appropriate pricing.

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In the current climate, you should never consider a colocation provider that does not offer 3 phase power. This is especially important if you need the energy load of 5kW or more.

No matter how much your package price of colocation is that if you do not have access to the stable power infrastructure. By supplying three-phase power racks, data center operators can provide greater balance for any load.

This reduces the risk of overheating the neutral wires. It is essential to minimize these risks, as they can raise prices and cause a loss of power to your rack or cabinet.

In addition to providing electrical stability, 3 phase power plays an important role in the provision of better infrastructure. This results in a lower number of racing circuits in each rack.

This allows greater air circulation under and between the racks, avoiding overheating and price increases of costs of collocation. If your overheating constantly shelves, you will incur significant costs in the long term.

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