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Diabetes Eye Exam: Why You Should Never Put It Off

  • November 9, 2020

For those who have diabetes, scheduling an eye exam on a routine basis is critical. It's very important to talk with your doctor about the risks you confront with this condition. Damage to the eyes is a common, yet complex complication for those who have problems with this commonplace blood glucose disease. You can navigate to this site if you are looking for a diabetic eye exam in Toronto.

diabetic eye exam in Toronto.

If your diabetes is complex enough that you need to take medicines in order to get a handle on it, the risks are higher. People who have this health condition are more likely to develop a condition called retinopathy. If your blood sugar isn't controlled, then you should see an ophthalmologist regularly to check for this ailment.

Why Does It Really Matter?

For those which have diabetes, additionally having elevated blood pressure or smoking can put you at a greater chance of developing this illness. Most people who develop retinopathy have relatively few outward symptoms, such as mild vision problems, while others experience virtually none. 

However, with time, it may lead to blindness. To protect your vision, first, be certain you are controlling your blood sugar levels through diet, and medication. Secondly, be certain to get an eye exam every six weeks, or at the latest, yearly.

What Symptoms Could You Have?

Additional signs include difficulty reading, seeing signs while driving double vision. Some folks experience pain in one or both eyes, but some have a top level of tension felt supporting the socket.

Other reactionary symptoms include nausea, headaches, and reddish eyes. If such signs are present, it is vital that you seek out medical attention, particularly if any issues become severe or chronic.

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