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Bus Sales Guide To New And Used Buses For Sale In Canada

  • June 22, 2020

Buying a new or used bus for sale is a very important question for anyone in the market to sell a bus. To find the answer to this question, first, you need to find out how many miles your bus will travel per year. 

Second, how many years you will need the bus for sale. It usually depends on how your bus will run. For example, coach buses typically travel less than 5,000 miles per year, while a Temsa Ts 35e bus company with a daily route can travel 25,000 miles or more annually. 

Used Buses For Sale

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Then the mileage of a Temsa Ts 35e bus company will vary considerably depending on the economy and their specific customers. Most of the late model (1998 and up) bus engines have a life of up to 500,000 miles. 

Buses with sales below 300,000 miles are considered low mileage. If you are driving your bus less than 20,000 miles per year, why pay the full price of the new bus for sale when it is reduced by one-third of its price in the first year, despite the mileage?  

It will take ten years or more to cover only 100,000 miles on your used bus. Now if you plan to drive your bus 20,000 miles or more a year and own your bus for more than five years, then perhaps the new bus sale is for you.