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Carrying Out Risk Assessment

  • October 16, 2020

It is the entrepreneur's legal responsibility to carry out a CoSHH risk assessment. The assessment has a structured model that analyzes what can happen in the workplace. A number of controls are needed to minimize risks to worker health, because hazardous substances can cause various problems.

You may browse the web to know about chemical & hazardous substances risk assessment documentation.

A very important requirement for entrepreneurs is to carry out a risk assessment for CoSHH. Employers should investigate any work-related activity that could affect the health of their employees. This is a legal requirement.

Anyone with any connection to the job must be protected when taking a CoSHH assessment. This includes not only employees but also contractors, agency workers and the general public, etc.

If necessary, additional examinations should be carried out for more vulnerable groups such as adolescents and pregnant women.

All important results of the CoSHH assessment must be kept in written records. The CoSHH risk assessment must be carried out systematically. All possible risks associated with hazardous substances must be considered.

It is important to educate workers by providing them with training and instruction. The better informed the staff, the more thorough the risk assessment.

Workers involved in the activity being assessed should also be given responsibility for carrying out the actual risk assessment as they will have the most knowledge of the task.

The level of detail specified in the assessment is relative to the level of risk.

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